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Online Guitar Tuner

Tool ini merupakan pandua stem gitar (Guitar Tuner). Selamat Mencoba...

Online Guitar Tuner

The guitar tuner can be put in repeat mode (just click on or off the (R) buttons. So you can here the tunings and tune to them. This page also shows you how to make some common alternative tunings to your guitar.

Alternative Guitar Tunings


Standard guitar tuning


Traditionally used to create a Celtic or ethnic sound, this tuning has been used by many guitarists including Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Checkout guitarist Pierre Bensusan who has spent years perfecting DADGAD tuning for solo acoustic guitar


Open C tuning - with the 6th string dropped down to C this gives a big dynamic range to your guitar sound


Drop D tuning - dropping the 6th string down to D is a easy way of giving adding an extra dimension to the bass strings where you can easily make octaves


Open G tuning is a great tuning for blues guitar work. By barring the top five strings you create a major chord


D minor tuning is a rich minor tuning


Open D tuning is a great tuning for blues or slide work


This is a variation of a tuning used by guitarist and songwriter John Martyn (he actually uses CFCCGD). Try knocking up the 6th string to E for another variation of this modal tuning

sumber: www.chordbook.com
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